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Monsoon Smash Recipe From The Independent Distillery

The Independent Distillery shows us one of their more popular drinks.

Some of the best ideas in the world come from pool parties. Or at least, that’s what the owners of the Independent Distillery think. That’s where they came up with the idea for their signature line of drinks called Smashes. They are made with your choice of spirit and fresh local produce, balanced with fresh squeezed juice and a splash of bubbles served in a LARGE mason jar.

Smashes are normally $12, but you can get for ONLY $5, HERE

They made for us, one of their most popular smashes: The Monsoon.  The Monsoon contains their own Independent Distillery Vodka, fresh blueberries, mint, house-made lemongrass vanilla bitters, and  topped with soda water.

Their other smashes are:

  • Southern Belle: Bourbon, strawberries and peaches, lemon, and soda
  • Super Saiyan: Rum, banana liqueur, orange juice, pineapple, and soda
  • Cherry Limeade: Gin, lime, house spifflicated cherries, and  soda
  • Drunk in Love: Rum, watermelon, basil, lime, and ginger ale
  • Pepino Fresco: Gin, cucumber, basil, lime, and soda

Smashes are normally $12, but you can get for ONLY $5, HERE

For more info, go to their website: