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Mixed Berry Pie Recipe From Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley

The folks for Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley came by the studio to talk about their Octoberfest festival as well as their recipe for their famous Mixed Berry Pie.

Here’s the recipe:

Crust ingredients:  

  • 1 egg whipped
  • 2 c flour
  • 2/3 c shortening
  • 1/3-1/2 c sprite
  • 1 egg whipped for top crust
  •  9” glass pie pan
  • dash of salt

Filling ingredients:

  • 2 pounds frozen berries
  • 1 1/3 c sugar
  • ½ c water
  • 5 TBS corn starch

This recipe will be unlike those taught to you by your grandmother or mother as I cook and thicken my filling on the stove top before putting it in raw crust for cooking.  Once you have made a pie with this tried and true method, I doubt you’ll feel the need to ever do it any other way!

Start by taking your frozen berries and sugar and putting them in a 2 quart sauce pot on medium heat.  Once the sugar starts heating, it will melt into liquid.  You also get liquid from the frozen berries so there’s no need to add anything to the berries to cook them.  You will want to bring the berries to a hard boil, (might need to turn heat up towards the end to get it boiling).  In a separate bowl, take the ½ cup of water and mix it with the corn starch with a whisk.  Once the berries are boiling, remove from heat and whisk in your corn starch mix.  Return to heat and stir constantly with a spoon until thickened, then set aside.

In a small bowl take your flour, salt, and shortening and cut in shortening until its the size of a BB, if not smaller.  You want the shortening to become part of the binding of your crust dough.  Once you’ve got shortening all cut in, take half of the sprite, (Yes, I said sprite!), and pour around flour mixture.  Using a spoon, stir in liquid, turning from the bottom and slightly pressing the dough together.  Since flour reacts to the weather, the amount of liquid you need will vary from time to time.  If its dry outside, you’ll need more liquid and if its humid, then less.  Once you’ve stirred in half of the liquid, pour  small amounts in until you can turn the dough as a ball.  You don’t want it too dry or it’ll crumble when rolling.  If you feel it’s too wet, just do a slight dusting of flour on it.  On a flat dry surface, sprinkle flour.   Take about 2/3 of the dough and form a ball.  Set it in the center of your rolling area and roll it out to be about 1” bigger than your pie pan.  Spray your pie dish with nonstick spray, then gently roll the dough onto your rolling pin, put it down on right side, then gently unroll towards the left. Lift up on the sides while pressing down inside the dish so the dough evenly lays in dish.  Take the berry mix and pour into raw crust. Take the 1/3 dough you have left and roll it out to make your top.  Using the same method, roll the dough back on to your rolling pin then unroll on the top of pie.  Pinch the edges together all the way around and cut 3-4 air holes in top.  I like to put an egg wash on my top crust for color but its optional.

Place pie on bottom shelf of oven preheated to 350 degrees.  Cooking time will be close to 45 minutes to an hour.  I use glass pie pans so I can see bottom crust is done.  If bottom needs more time, lightly cover top with foil so it doesn’t get too dark…enjoy!

To make the crumble topping (if you prefer), take equal parts brown sugar and flour and then sprinkle in a dash of cinnamon.  Add enough melted butter to get it just wet enough to form crumbles.  Spread over pie and bake.  You may need to cover part of it when baking but not usually.

This is the LAST weekend for the  Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley Octoberfest. Go HERE for more info.