Local artists make stunning tribute video to Apollo 11 moon landing

The Apollo 11 moon landing will forever be one of mankind’s greatest achievements, but not many people know of the significant role Flagstaff, AZ played in that mission.

As the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing approaches, local artists Sean Golightly and Hannah Prizznick teamed up with filmmaker Rene Rivas to create a music video tribute!

Filmed at Cinder Lake, where NASA tested the moon rovers, “the song “Where We Stood” is a reminder, a song of hope, reflecting on our history as evidence that, when we work together, we can overcome the new, seemingly impossible challenges that bear down on us day by day,” according to Golightly.

In an interview with the Arizona Daily Sun, Golightly explained that “In preparation for the Apollo missions, NASA scientists deemed the volcanic cinders of northern Arizona the most analogous to the surface of the moon and thus the most appropriate place to test the lunar rovers. I thought, given the lyrical content of “Where We Stood,” it would be visually poetic to film the song in the place that served as a stand-in for the actual moon. During the opening scenes of the video, we also included historical photographs, some shot in the same location, to provide context. Most notably, these include photos of the rover tests, the rocket launch and, my personal favorite, the smiling faces of the “human computer” women scientists that were recently depicted in the book and filmĀ Hidden Figures.”

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