Tucson factory makes mugs for the country’s most famous

H.F. Coors makes dinnerware for some of the country's most famous people.

You would’t know it without looking at the bottom of the mug, but the dinnerware for some of the country’s most famous is manufactured right here in Tucson.

H.F. Coors has been manufacturing high quality plates, bowls and mugs for clients across the country since 1925. Some of their most notable being for Ellen Degeneres’s talk show, Starbucks, Beyond Bread, Ben’s Bells and Air Force One.

Coors considers their products “Busboy Proof” and extremely difficult to chip or break in both commercial and home environments.

We took a look at the complex manufacturing process for the country’s most well-known dinnerware and sat down with owner Dirck Schou.

Also, if you’re a bargain hunter like us, be sure to check out the factory’s “First Saturdays” event held on (you guessed it) the first Saturday of every month. On those days, customers can purchase some of the factory’s older prints and misprints for up to 90% off!

To visit the store or take a tour of the factory, travel to 1600 S. Cherrybell Strav, Tucson, AZ 85711

Their website can also be found here.