Gleeson Jail Open This Saturday

Gleeson Jail is open to the public this Saturday and the first Saturday of every month from 9 AM-4 PM, or by special arrangement for groups and events.

The Gleeson Jail was built in 1910, when the population of the copper mining town of Gleeson was around 1,500 residents..This is actually the third Gleeson Jail. The first Gleeson Jail was a big oak tree, located behind the Bono store, to the north. You can still see the cable that was around the tree. Prisoners were chained to the cable with just enough length for them to use the nearby was when nature called. The second Gleeson Jail was a wood shack with a tin roof that stood in front of the present jail. This kept most prisoners in, but a few would push the roof up and make their escape. The current jail has two cells. Each cell had a sink with running water, and a flushing toilet. Quite the comfort for the time. Joe Bono Jr. now owns the jail, and has a wonderful museum inside filled with artifacts, newspaper articles, and memorabilia from back in “the day.”

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