Arizona’s Smallest Bar is in Bisbee

A Bisbee Treasure

The historic mining town of Bisbee is full of quirky shops and attractions, plus Arizona’s smallest bar, a watering hole nestled inside the century-old Silver King Hotel that just might top them all.

Up a staircase, down a hallway, inside one room. You enter the “Room 4 Bar.”

The smallest saloon in The Copper State.

“These rooms don’t have any windows, and I thought well that’s wasting space,” says Philadelphia native Danielle Martinez, who bought the converted boarding house for miners decades ago, but opened the tiny tavern the size of one room New Years Day 2011.

“Every hotel needs a bar, and people in bars don’t care about windows.”

The 95-square foot bar has attracted locals and tourists alike ever since.

“They really like it. They say ‘Wow this is really cool, look at this!’ while they are looking around and I’m behind the bar like what do you want to drink?”

It did not come together without some serious logistical challenges. Fitting the proper sinks, fridges, and equipment in to the tiny space was difficult. It took eight people to carry the coolers in to the hotel and up to the second floor through an alley.

“She jokes with me constantly that we need another shelf but I say we need another room!” jokes Pablo Pencil, the bars designer. “I had to use every square inch of space, and that really determined what the bar was going to look like and fit in here.”

The former opera and theater set designer says the small saloon has broad appeal.

“Women like it because it’s a relaxed family kinda place. You could bring your grandmother here, no problem.”

The charm of the “Room 4 Bar” is not lost on tourists.

“This whole area is so unique,” says Michelle Forbes-Robinson, in town with friends for the day. “When you know you’re going to the smallest bar and you walk up those stairs, you don’t know what’s at the top. But you know its going to be good, always good.”

Martinez says the bar attracts patrons young and old, depending on the day and the live band scheduled to play on the small outside patio.

“We’ve got followers, people just looking. This is truly unusual, and so are we. It’s one of a kind. There isn’t one anywhere just like this.”

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