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Aravaipa Canyon, One of Arizona’s Hidden Gems

Shhhhhhhh..... don't tell anyone.

Craig Thomas introduces us to one of the secret places in Arizona. One of the only places that has water flowing all year. You spend most of your day actually in the water and you also feel like you have almost the entire place to yourself.

This is the Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness. One of the most beautiful, peaceful, and secluded places in Arizona.You don’t actually have the entire place to yourself.
But you’re as likely to see animals as other people.

It is a bumpy journey to get there. The final nine miles to the trail head are on a dirt road..

But in this case – the destination truly is the payoff.There are no formal hiking trails. Much of the time you’re walking back and forth across the water to dry land – but sometimes the best path is straight ahead.It’s not just the location that makes this such a hidden gem. It’s as hard to get into this paradise as it is a rock concert or big game. The state only gives out 50 permits a day. They only cost $16 dollars. You have to go on-line to request one – and it’s not easy – they usually sell out 9 weeks in advance. You are allowed to camp and stay 3 days – but there are no formal sites either. It’s just you – and the elements.

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